MATH 1100 02/04     8:00/9:30 a.m. TTh       WRT 010     Fall Semester 2017    
                      Mathematics in Decision Making

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Text: Custom printing of four chapters from Miller, Heeren, and Hornsby. 2012. Mathematical Ideas, twelfth edition. Addison Wesley. Boston. [You may use the regular printing, but the custom printing entails a significant reduction in cost. You may also use the eleventh or tenth edition if you wish.]

There will also be supplemental textual material which will be available on the web.
You will need a calculator which can handle exponents; you will be allowed to use a calculator on all quizzes and tests.

Instructor: Campbell, R. B. Wright 328. x-32447 e-mail:
Office hours: Unless there is excessive demand, office hours will not be restricted to specified times. You may either catch me after class, call me on the phone, or leave an e-mail message to find a time that is mutually convenient. I should be in my office at 11:00 a.m. TTh
N.B.: There will also be help offered by the Mathematics and Sciences Services (Academic Learning Center -- ITTC (East Gym) 008). The hours of tutors in ITTC 008 are posted at The Academic Learning Center (ITTC 007/008) also provides support for writing and other academic needs including Praxis Core preparation at no cost to currently enrolled students. Further information is available at

There will be three tests worth 100 points each and a final worth 125 points. **If you miss a test, you will make it up at your earliest convenience.** There will also be a 3 point quiz on most days; the best 17 will be added to your point total. There will be no make-up quizzes. **If you miss more than two quizzes for good cause (and e-mail me at the end of the semester), I shall pro-rate your quiz scores.**

This semester, the Academic Learning Center will have special study sessions for my sections of MATH 1100. In order to encourage you to take advantage of the support offered by the Academic Learning Center, I shall replace up to four low quiz scores with attendance points earned by using the services of the Academic Learning Center, either the study sessions specific to my course, or the mathematics tutoring services available at other times. Every time you use their services (up to twelve times) you will get one attendance point, each time you accumulate 3 attendance points, those three points will replace a low quiz score. In addition, because the Academic Learning Center is trying to document the benefit of their services, if you complete both the pre- and post- course surveys they administer, I shall replace an additional low quiz score with three points.

Tentative test dates are:
Descriptive statistics chapter 3 [12] 14 September 100
Counting and Probability chapters 1, 2 [10, 11] 12 October 100
Election Procedures and apportionment [not in text] 09 November 100
Finance and comprehensive chapter 4 [13] 12/13 December 125
Quizzes most days 51
Total 476
(The coverage and dates are tentative. I reserve the right to omit sections of the text, and some material not in the text will be covered.)

Cheating of any kind on examinations or quizzes is a serious matter as discussed in Policies and Procedures 3.01 Academic Ethics/Discipline. Sanctions may range from no credit for the test or quiz to suspension from the University.

Recommended homework problems are provided, but will not be collected. [Problems from the eleventh edition ] [Problems from the tenth edition ]

Attendance is not a component of your point total, but the lectures provide an important complement to the text, sometimes presenting a different focus on the material. A dearth of quizzes will negatively impact your grade.

On Tuesday, 29 August, I shall pass around a seating plan where you will indicate where you will sit for the remainder of the semester. I hope that this will facilitate my learning of your names and your learning of each other. Although I (as a representative of the faculty) and the library are two important reasons for coming to UNI to learn instead of reading books at home, your peers are also a valuable resource.

Although this text has undergone several revisions, it is not perfect. I shall try to draw to your attention any inaccuracies I notice. You are invited to draw errata to my attention, including errata in my webspace. You are also invited to correct any mistakes I make in lecture.

This handout has been prepared using PC-Write. You should learn to use a word processor before you graduate. (It has been revised using the TPU texteditor on ICEMAN/COBRA/VIPER, textedit on a Sun, Kedit under Debian Linux, and gedit under Ubuntu Linux.)

The use of mathematics pervades our lives to an extent which cannot be covered in a single course. This course will develop some concepts which are foundations for mathematics you may encounter, highlight some surprising results, and also present some specific applications you are apt to use. It is assumed that you are already proficient in arithmetic and elementary algebra; these will not be retaught, but may be used.

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